Monday, 12 April 2010


In a short while our nation will be voting for a new government. Many of us will be putting our confidence, our futures, our hopes and dreams into the hands of sinful man. The recent expense scandal has highlighted that many of the men and women who pledged to serve us have realy only been serving themselves. The people in authority we thought we could trust are proving untrustworthy. Many are disillusioned. Where are we to turn? Who are we to put our trust in? Is there anyone who really cares about the common man? YES. His name is Jesus of Nazareth. Two thousand years ago the Son of God did something no other man could do. He died on a cross, willingly taking the punishment you and I deserve for all our wrongdoing. Three days later he rose from the grave. Thus satisfying God's righteous anger against your sin and my sin. He dealt with the sin that seperates us from a Holy God, once and for all, and made a way for us to be made right with Him. Have you lied? Have you stolen? Then you need a Saviour. So this 2010 election put an X in the box for man, but do not be deceived man is limited in what he can do for you. Here is the Kingdom Manifesto in which we implore you to cast your vote for Jesus. Your eternal welfare is at stake. Jesus promises never to leave you or forskae you. Jesus promises to carry your burdens and deliver you from evil. Jesus promises to save you from the wrath of God on Judgement Day. Jesus promises to save you from hell. This is His Kingdom Manifesto. TRUST IN THE KING. DO IT TODAY.