Friday, 16 May 2008

Can Anyone Save Him?

8 am, two days out of rehab and Paul Gascoigne shambles across the road, a bottle of gin and a piggy bank in his tatty holdall, Can ANYONE save him? This is the headline to a story running in the Daily Mail today. The answer is a RESOUNDING YES. Jesus can save him. Jesus can reach down to the deepest pit we could ever dig ourselves into and pull us out. Millions of born-again believers can testify to the transforming power of Gods Holy Spirit when we first put our trust in Gods only Son Jesus Christ. Demons must flee, addictions must go. He is a restorer of our souls and a lifter of our heads. Todd Bentley leader of the current Florida out pouring being aired every night at 7:00pm on God TV is a living example of a changed life. Watch it and be encouraged.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Dont Ask Jesus Into Your Heart!

Many disilussioned false converts confess that they have "Asked Jesus into thier heart" many times. This term is often used by modern day preachers. Dont ask him into your heart it isn't biblical. He gave his life for you so he wants more than your heart. Instead do what the Bible says. Repent,turn from all sin and 'Give Him Your life' Then receive him as your Lord and Saviour trusting in Him and Him alone for your salvation.