Friday, 22 October 2010


As I woke this morning the Lord asked me “Have you considered the human hand?”

Hands hold a gun which end a life and paints pictures which speak into the lives of millions.

Hands tenderly hold a newborn infant in one room and wield the instruments of death to snatch it from the womb in another.

Hands caress lovingly today, and strike out in anger tomorrow, from the same arms.

Hands write love letters and poetry to shape the heart to do good. They also promote hatred, violence and division.

Hands have fingers which can wag, prod and point in judgement; or used to give direction, affirmation
and peace.

Hands write and play music to help the soul focus on the good, or encourage it to dwell on that which brings iniquity and bondage.

Hands hold pens in Joy with hope to sign in a marriage, and sign out in divorce with sorrow and failure.

Hands where violently stretched out and nailed to a cross so we could be forgiven.

Hands are pressed tightly together to pray, and lifted high to worship.

How will you use your hands today?

Shirley Worden 2010

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Pragmatism is a philosophy created by William James. According to James the truth of an idea had to be tested to prove its validity. Pragmatism boils down to "If it works it must be right." AKA Relatavism. It is the thought behind the 'modernising' of the gospel. However Pragmatism cannot work with Christianity. Jeremiah cries out to God that in his obedience to proclaim His word he is "in derision daily, everyone mocks him" 20:7. Jesus taught that many will follow the crowd, the way which seems right and popular and yet will be destroyed Matthew 7:13-14. God called Ezekiel to a people, with a message, who wouldn't hear him. Paul admitted the gospel message preached was 'foolishness' and a 'stumbling block' to many 1Cor 1:18-23. The Gospel therefore fails the Pragmitism test. Consider the end of Jesus ministry! He surely failed the test of pragmatism! Nethertheless thousands are added to the church daily. Pauls summs it up like this "God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise" 1Cor 1:27. To God be the power and the wisdom and the glory. Amen.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Christian Preacher Walks Free

Common sense and the rule of law have prevailed after charges were dropped against a Christian preacher who said that homosexual conduct is sinful.

Dale Mcalpine, 42, was arrested and hauled before the courts after a homosexual police officer arrested him on 20 April 2010 for saying that homosexuality is going against the word of God. He was held in a cell for several hours before being charged with a public order offence.

Yesterday, 13 May 2010, charges against Mr Mcalpine were dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) as preaching peacefully that homosexuality is a sin is not against the law. In response to the CPS’s decision, Mr Mcalpine said:

'It's good news. I'm relieved the police and the Crown Prosecution Service have finally seen sense. It was a ridiculous charge and I should never have been arrested in the first place. The whole thing was like fiction. It was surreal.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Wrong Focus

Many ask "How can a loving God send people to Hell?" This same objector would never question a human judge for his sentencing structure. Indeed often the cry goes forth that he was too soft on the worst offenders. However they ask the hell question because they are focusing on the punishment for the crime rather than the pardon. Perhaps they should ponder in astonishment and wonder at the depth of love God had for humanity that he would send his only Son to die for them so they could walk free from the eternal courts of justice. The question also betrays something else. Mankind is offended that one day his rebellion and crimes against God must be accounted for. From the garden of Eden man has sought to be in charge of his own destiny and yet the realisation that at death God will show who really is in charge is a truth to sharp to bear. This objection farther proves the depravity of his heart. He has placed God in the dock and judged him. He has exalted himself and shown the fear of God is far from him. However there is a remedy for this root of pride...the law. The law will cut him down. Ten blows will show him his folly. Then and only then can his humbled heart reach out for the salvation that is only found through faith in Christ.

Monday, 12 April 2010


In a short while our nation will be voting for a new government. Many of us will be putting our confidence, our futures, our hopes and dreams into the hands of sinful man. The recent expense scandal has highlighted that many of the men and women who pledged to serve us have realy only been serving themselves. The people in authority we thought we could trust are proving untrustworthy. Many are disillusioned. Where are we to turn? Who are we to put our trust in? Is there anyone who really cares about the common man? YES. His name is Jesus of Nazareth. Two thousand years ago the Son of God did something no other man could do. He died on a cross, willingly taking the punishment you and I deserve for all our wrongdoing. Three days later he rose from the grave. Thus satisfying God's righteous anger against your sin and my sin. He dealt with the sin that seperates us from a Holy God, once and for all, and made a way for us to be made right with Him. Have you lied? Have you stolen? Then you need a Saviour. So this 2010 election put an X in the box for man, but do not be deceived man is limited in what he can do for you. Here is the Kingdom Manifesto in which we implore you to cast your vote for Jesus. Your eternal welfare is at stake. Jesus promises never to leave you or forskae you. Jesus promises to carry your burdens and deliver you from evil. Jesus promises to save you from the wrath of God on Judgement Day. Jesus promises to save you from hell. This is His Kingdom Manifesto. TRUST IN THE KING. DO IT TODAY.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

This Easter...

This Easter...

"Reach your community for Jesus this Easter

This Easter, people need hope. This Easter, people need to know where true security lies. This Easter, people need to know they are loved and valued."

I received this unoffensive and people pleasing lingo in my e-mail box last year. It’s part of a Christian publicists Easter drive. It pretty much summed up were allot of the professing church where last year. Unfortunately not much has changed for this Easter.

I have an alternative....

"This Easter, people need to be saved. This Easter, people need to know they have broken Gods law, sinned against God and his wrath abides on them. This Easter people need to know without repentance toward God and faith in Jesus Christ they are doomed to destruction in a place called hell."

This is the message I shall be preaching this Easter and every Easter whilst God gives me breath. But that’s not loving you say! But is it loving to hide from someone the truth of their prediciment before a just and righteous God and to withold the only means by which they might be saved? The Writer of Proverbs agrees, “A true witness delivers souls” Proverbs 14:25. This Easter lets work with Jesus and get into the business of saving souls!

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Character Of God

Some say they find it difficult to reconcile the God of the Old Testament with the God of the New Testament, as if he were different. However Gods character is cleary revealed in both and is the same in both. God loves and God hates. God listens and God sometimes closes his ears. He can show forth both mercy and judgment with the same hand. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is to be greatly feared among the nations.

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I have a dilemma for you. A new believer has joined a fellowship in which the leader, a man, has declared himself to be the head of the church on earth. He also receives the title Holy Father and claims the words from his mouth and organisation hold the same authority as if they were from the mouth of God himself. One of his teachings is that faith alone in Christ alone is not sufficient to secure salvation and only members of his organisation who practice their religious works are truly saved. Also thousands of times every day, all over the world representatives of his organisation, claim the mystical power to draw Jesus down from heaven and the ability to offer Him up, his real body and blood , over and over again to atone for the sins of those their present. How should you respond?

The response should be four fold:

Firstly that Christ is the head of the church and anyone claiming that right or privilege is a usurper.
Secondly Jesus taught there is only one heavenly Father , His Father, and we should reserve that title for God the Father alone. Anyone receiving the title Holy Father is therefore going against the teachings of the Son. Thirdly Holy scriptures repeatedly and consistently teach that salvation is an unmerited gift from God, through faith alone in Christ alone, and no end of effort on our part could ever secure it. Furthermore Christ offered himself once, and once only, for the salvation of our souls, and therefore no further sacrifice is required.

Consequently, the fourth and final response must be: WHAT ARE DOING IN THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH?

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Mission To Exeter 13th Feb 2010

First city street outreach after an eight week break. It was good to take time out so God could restore me and get me back on track. Its so easy to fall into evangelising on auto pilot which allows little or no room for the Holy Spirit. There were four in the team, myself, Matt, Caroline and Esther. We started off outside the Guildhall in the main street handing out testimonies, New Testaments and tracts and chatting to people. After lunch we moved up the street and Matt and I preached. Caroline and I felt led to prayer walk a circle and claim the space for Jesus. A man approached me during my preaching to ask me if I knew what day it was. He seemed very agitated and grabbed my microphone. He told me it was Chinese New Year and the dragon was coming. As he walked away I repeated over the PA what he had said and declared that the Dragon was allready here!!His name was Satan and his main aim was to take as many people as he could to hell with him!! Unbeknown to us about thirty dragon dancers arrived hoping to perform in the spot we claimed for Jesus. They wisely submitted to the King of Kings and moved down away from the main street. Jesus is Lord.