Tuesday, 27 July 2010


Pragmatism is a philosophy created by William James. According to James the truth of an idea had to be tested to prove its validity. Pragmatism boils down to "If it works it must be right." AKA Relatavism. It is the thought behind the 'modernising' of the gospel. However Pragmatism cannot work with Christianity. Jeremiah cries out to God that in his obedience to proclaim His word he is "in derision daily, everyone mocks him" 20:7. Jesus taught that many will follow the crowd, the way which seems right and popular and yet will be destroyed Matthew 7:13-14. God called Ezekiel to a people, with a message, who wouldn't hear him. Paul admitted the gospel message preached was 'foolishness' and a 'stumbling block' to many 1Cor 1:18-23. The Gospel therefore fails the Pragmitism test. Consider the end of Jesus ministry! He surely failed the test of pragmatism! Nethertheless thousands are added to the church daily. Pauls summs it up like this "God has chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise" 1Cor 1:27. To God be the power and the wisdom and the glory. Amen.


Emily said...

On the flip side of the argument - all of these things did work. Perhaps only visible when viewed in the light of subsequent history, but successful nonetheless.

The continuation of the Christian faith is a testament to the efficacy of God's plan. And pragmatically, or otherwise, no one can deny the impact Jesus life has had on our world.

Colleen said...

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