Friday, 14 May 2010

Christian Preacher Walks Free

Common sense and the rule of law have prevailed after charges were dropped against a Christian preacher who said that homosexual conduct is sinful.

Dale Mcalpine, 42, was arrested and hauled before the courts after a homosexual police officer arrested him on 20 April 2010 for saying that homosexuality is going against the word of God. He was held in a cell for several hours before being charged with a public order offence.

Yesterday, 13 May 2010, charges against Mr Mcalpine were dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) as preaching peacefully that homosexuality is a sin is not against the law. In response to the CPS’s decision, Mr Mcalpine said:

'It's good news. I'm relieved the police and the Crown Prosecution Service have finally seen sense. It was a ridiculous charge and I should never have been arrested in the first place. The whole thing was like fiction. It was surreal.


Jeff said...

Wow! Someone should reprimand that officer that arrested him.

strongerTHANyouthink said...

Speaking against "common culture" (aka homosexuality, as it is widely accepted today) is the exact example of taking the narrow road and enduring hate by non-believers. I wish more people would outwardly speak of right vs. wrong. It is one thing for the church to say it doesn't accept homosexuality, but its totally another thing to actually act that way. I wish I had a church like this near me.