Friday, 22 October 2010


As I woke this morning the Lord asked me “Have you considered the human hand?”

Hands hold a gun which end a life and paints pictures which speak into the lives of millions.

Hands tenderly hold a newborn infant in one room and wield the instruments of death to snatch it from the womb in another.

Hands caress lovingly today, and strike out in anger tomorrow, from the same arms.

Hands write love letters and poetry to shape the heart to do good. They also promote hatred, violence and division.

Hands have fingers which can wag, prod and point in judgement; or used to give direction, affirmation
and peace.

Hands write and play music to help the soul focus on the good, or encourage it to dwell on that which brings iniquity and bondage.

Hands hold pens in Joy with hope to sign in a marriage, and sign out in divorce with sorrow and failure.

Hands where violently stretched out and nailed to a cross so we could be forgiven.

Hands are pressed tightly together to pray, and lifted high to worship.

How will you use your hands today?

Shirley Worden 2010