Thursday, 24 May 2012

Signs From God?

A pastor told me yesterday how a Lutheran Church voted to allow homosexual leaders at the same time as lightning hit the church cross and knocked it clear off the roof! Apparently many inside said it wasn't to be taken on board! I suppose there's a balance here. There is a danger of seeing everything as a sign from God or of seeing nothing as a sign. However Jesus made it clear that God does use signs to warn.
The extraordinary picture of the clock split in two belonging to the bell tower in northern Italy was interesting. Only one person has ever split history into two and thats our Lord Jesus Christ. I also remember the New Zealand earthquake in which the Christchurch Cathedral withstook tremendous damage to its main tower. Jesus taught that any effort to reach God in the heavens through man made means would eventually fall. The Chillean miners trapped underground in the blackest hell as the world watched with baited breath hoping that that one of the four drills would eventually secure their salvation. Eventually they were all lifted up to safety through a tight space. Jesus said narrow is the way to life and few will find it. Who could forget the 1992 Windsor Castle fire which began in the Queens private chapel
shortly after she attended her first multi-faith service. The fire began when a curtain ignited on the eleventh hour of the eleventh month. Jesus said his servants must not become lazy thinking he will not return. He warned he might come quickly when they least expect it at the eleventh hour.
Sometimes the signs are loud and clear, other times more subtle.  Whichever may you view the world God is a living God who wishes to commune with his people. It is his will that no-one should perish but come to repentance and a saving knowledge of him. Let he who has eyes to see, see and he who has ears to hear, hear.