Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Pushy Christians

Someone said as Christians we shouldn't be pushy. I agree we should be PULLY. The writer of Judes v 23 instructs us "And others save with fear, PULLING them out of the fire." Some are so close to the eternal fire of torment you can smell the singeing. So dont push them, PULL them. Get verbal, use the Gospel. "For unto us which are saved it is the power of God unto salvation."

Once Again

As in the days of Noah the earth was filled with violence and corruption. And God decreed to wipe the wicked from the earth, yet provided a means of escape for the righteous, The Ark. And in these last days the earth is once again filled with violence and corruption and God has decreed once again to wipe all wickedness from the earth. Because of his mercy and faithfulness he has once again provided a means of escape for the righteous, his Son Jesus Christ. All the promises of safety, and a future are to be found IN him. Just as they where for Noah and his family IN The Ark. Are you IN The Ark of Christ?

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

The Relevant Gospel

I've been hearing allot lately that the gospel needs to be 'Relevant.' I looked up relevant in the dictionary...Relevant;Applying to the matter in hand, to the point! It would seem an odd thing to say. Surely whilst there are lost sinners the Gospel is ALWAYS RELEVANT! However I have a sneeking feeling this is not what the proclaimers of relevancy really mean! Relevant is often used alongside 'Modernism.' I think what they are truly saying is the Gospel needs to be changed. The Gospel needs to be modernised. This is my proclamation "I am not ashamed of the gospel. The gospel is as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago. Until Jesus returns the Gospel stands. It cuts across culture & history it does not need to be modernised."

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Christ Brings Division

"Suppose that I come to give peace on earth? I tell you, Nay; but rather division" Luke 12:51. In a world which prefers shades of grey rather than black and white Jesus reminds us sitting on the fence is not an option. Jesus' coming, death and resurrection installed a line of division which shall forever remain. The father shall be divided against the son,the son against the father, the mother against the daughter, the daughter against the mother. Unbelievers against believers. The conversion to Christ so powerfuly life changing it effects our most intimate relationships. For some in the world conversion means certain death. But this only reminds us that life is temporal our focus must be on 'thing's above.' We must see the bigger picture. Jesus knows are sufferings, he himself suffered persection from those closest to him. Comfort one another with his words "In the world you shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world." John 17:33

Friday, 11 April 2008

The Great Falling Away

Many Christians are believing for an end-time revival just before Christ returns. However this can only be see as wishful thinking. The scriptures are clear "Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first..." 2Thessalonians 2:3.Jesus said "When the Son of Man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?" Luke 18:8. Faith he may well find but not much faith in him. How few true believers will be found upon earth! Jesus said we must work while it is day because when night comes no one shall be able to work. The dark skies of apostasy have overshadowed our land this really is the time to obey the Gospel command "And of some have compassion making a difference. And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire." Jude 23

Monday, 7 April 2008

Live Radio Slot Update

Had a fantastic time at radio Cornwall yesterday (though somewhat nerve racking). The staff and presenters were friendly and very professional. Josephine a lady from Liskeard was very brave and phoned in to do the 'Good Person' test live on air. It went well and highlighted the reason we do the test beautifully. No one is 'Good' we have all broken God's law and are all in need of forgivness and a Saviour. Thank God he has provided us with both, through the sacrificial work of the cross by His obedient Son Jesus. An enjoyable morning proclaiming the Gospel over the airwaves of Cornwall.

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Invitation To Go On air

Radio Cornwall has invited Cornwall Mission to do a fifteen minute interview this Sunday from eight to eight fifteen as part of the local 'Faith' programme. We will be talking about what Cornwall Mission does and explaining the 'Good Person' test which we use on the streets of Truro. You will be able to listen online at http://www.bbc.co.uk/cornwall/local_radio/

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Great Men Of Faith

"Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses..." Hebrews 12:1. Today in the post I received from Amazon 'Expository thoughts on Luke' by J.C Ryle. It got me thinking. Where are all the great men of faith today? Men who will stand on God's word no matter what the world thinks. Men who are willing to 'contend for the faith.' J.C Ryle was one, noted for his 'plain and pointed' words. He stands with many others of his time. Great men of faith who stood up against the modernism of the late 19th century to proclaim 'Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and for ever' Hebrews 13:8. Today the church faces the same battle with the same enemy.."Yeah, has God said...? Genesis 3:1. The never changing desire to undermine the word of God is relentless. The central verse of the whole Bible is not there by accident 'It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man' Psalm 118:8.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April Fool

Many will be going about playing practical jokes and fooling others. However fooling others isn't reserved just for April 1st. There are literally billions of people all over the world fooled into believing they are 'safe' and have 'been made right' with God through their organisation, denomination or religious philosophy. The Bible says this to the Atheist "The fool has said in his heart. There is no God" Proverbs 14:1. To the apathetic "They knew God, they glorified him not, neither were thankful, professing themselves wise, they became fools" Romans 1:21-22. To the self-centered and arrogant "The way of the fool is right in his own eyes" Proverbs 12:15. To the rebellious descenter "A fools lips enter into contention, and his mouth calls for strokes" Proverbs 18:6. To the materialist "You fool this night your soul shall be required of you" Luke 12:20. The biggest April fools joke of all time will be in the first few seconds after death. Dont be a fool any longer. Listen to wisdom. Jesus said "Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock" Matthew 7:24-25. Jesus is the Rock. The only foundation for our salvation.

Strive To Enter

"Strive to enter in at the strait gate; for many, I say to you, will seek to enter in, and shall not be able." Luke 13:24 The strait gate is the way of salvation, Jesus Christ. "For there is no name given under heaven by which men must be saved" Acts 4:12. There is no side door we must enter in strait."I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture" John 10:9. All other means to connect with God are futile "Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me" John 14:6Jesus knew many will try another way hence the abundance of 'other' religions. However the Bible is clear "There is a way which seems right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death" Proverbs 14:12. Have you entered in through the strait gate If not I beseech you today to 'strive' to enter in. "Now is the day of salvation" 2Cor 6:2. Do not tarry. Jesus warns there will come a day when the offer of salvation will cease, and the door will be closed (Luke 13:25).Dont be left outside knocking!