Saturday, 8 May 2010

Wrong Focus

Many ask "How can a loving God send people to Hell?" This same objector would never question a human judge for his sentencing structure. Indeed often the cry goes forth that he was too soft on the worst offenders. However they ask the hell question because they are focusing on the punishment for the crime rather than the pardon. Perhaps they should ponder in astonishment and wonder at the depth of love God had for humanity that he would send his only Son to die for them so they could walk free from the eternal courts of justice. The question also betrays something else. Mankind is offended that one day his rebellion and crimes against God must be accounted for. From the garden of Eden man has sought to be in charge of his own destiny and yet the realisation that at death God will show who really is in charge is a truth to sharp to bear. This objection farther proves the depravity of his heart. He has placed God in the dock and judged him. He has exalted himself and shown the fear of God is far from him. However there is a remedy for this root of pride...the law. The law will cut him down. Ten blows will show him his folly. Then and only then can his humbled heart reach out for the salvation that is only found through faith in Christ.

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