Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I have a dilemma for you. A new believer has joined a fellowship in which the leader, a man, has declared himself to be the head of the church on earth. He also receives the title Holy Father and claims the words from his mouth and organisation hold the same authority as if they were from the mouth of God himself. One of his teachings is that faith alone in Christ alone is not sufficient to secure salvation and only members of his organisation who practice their religious works are truly saved. Also thousands of times every day, all over the world representatives of his organisation, claim the mystical power to draw Jesus down from heaven and the ability to offer Him up, his real body and blood , over and over again to atone for the sins of those their present. How should you respond?

The response should be four fold:

Firstly that Christ is the head of the church and anyone claiming that right or privilege is a usurper.
Secondly Jesus taught there is only one heavenly Father , His Father, and we should reserve that title for God the Father alone. Anyone receiving the title Holy Father is therefore going against the teachings of the Son. Thirdly Holy scriptures repeatedly and consistently teach that salvation is an unmerited gift from God, through faith alone in Christ alone, and no end of effort on our part could ever secure it. Furthermore Christ offered himself once, and once only, for the salvation of our souls, and therefore no further sacrifice is required.

Consequently, the fourth and final response must be: WHAT ARE DOING IN THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH?

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