Sunday, 14 February 2010

Mission To Exeter 13th Feb 2010

First city street outreach after an eight week break. It was good to take time out so God could restore me and get me back on track. Its so easy to fall into evangelising on auto pilot which allows little or no room for the Holy Spirit. There were four in the team, myself, Matt, Caroline and Esther. We started off outside the Guildhall in the main street handing out testimonies, New Testaments and tracts and chatting to people. After lunch we moved up the street and Matt and I preached. Caroline and I felt led to prayer walk a circle and claim the space for Jesus. A man approached me during my preaching to ask me if I knew what day it was. He seemed very agitated and grabbed my microphone. He told me it was Chinese New Year and the dragon was coming. As he walked away I repeated over the PA what he had said and declared that the Dragon was allready here!!His name was Satan and his main aim was to take as many people as he could to hell with him!! Unbeknown to us about thirty dragon dancers arrived hoping to perform in the spot we claimed for Jesus. They wisely submitted to the King of Kings and moved down away from the main street. Jesus is Lord.

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