Friday, 16 May 2008

Can Anyone Save Him?

8 am, two days out of rehab and Paul Gascoigne shambles across the road, a bottle of gin and a piggy bank in his tatty holdall, Can ANYONE save him? This is the headline to a story running in the Daily Mail today. The answer is a RESOUNDING YES. Jesus can save him. Jesus can reach down to the deepest pit we could ever dig ourselves into and pull us out. Millions of born-again believers can testify to the transforming power of Gods Holy Spirit when we first put our trust in Gods only Son Jesus Christ. Demons must flee, addictions must go. He is a restorer of our souls and a lifter of our heads. Todd Bentley leader of the current Florida out pouring being aired every night at 7:00pm on God TV is a living example of a changed life. Watch it and be encouraged.


dale mcalpine said...

Hello, i enjoyed reading your posts...I too love the way of the master ...I go to the streets and preach to the many lost souls in Cumbria..Its nice to see someone else taking the true gospel to the streets.

Noticing your last post regarding Todd Bentley and the revival,I hope you dont mind me making the observation that all is not what it may appear in that part of the world.Bentley talks about angels quite a bit and from what i have seen does not preach repentance and faith much (if at all)...From what i have heard he maybe very well preaching another gospel...I would be very happy to discuss this further if you have time and maybe we can learn from each other ...maybe im missing something.

Hope to hear from you soon
God bless your ministry and here is my blog if you would like to pay a visit :


dale mcalpine said...

You might enjoy these videos from The way of the master radio...let me know what you think ...Todd friel certainly does not think much of Todd bentley :

PART 1 :