Thursday, 6 December 2007

Missing The Nativity

A few parents have voiced their concern at the desicion to ditch the Nativity. I'm not sure how I feel. I doubt the excuse for failing to put it on is in the interest of not offending other faiths! Traditions we once took for granted are being wittled away as we speak. For me Christmas was always an anxious time because I dreaded another year of disapointment and not being chosen to play the part of 'Mary.' Seeing my own children perform always brought joy. I like other parents shall miss it for sure. It would seem the onslaught to remove God from our schools has almost succeeded. School assemblies are frequently overlooked and Christianity is firmly placed on the conveyer belt of 'other religions' to be tolerated. My thought today is that degeneration always starts at the top. We can most suredly look at our Queen and Lambeth Palace as the institutions who started the avalanche.

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