Thursday, 30 October 2008

Gross Lapse of Taste or a Bridge To Far?

Many, myself included will be pleased to hear of the recent disiplinery action being taken against Jonathon Ross. As the saying goes 'Give someone enough rope and they will hang themselves!' I have found Ross' constant blashphemy disturbing and offensive to say the least. He uses the name of our Lord to express disgust in a way unrivalled by any other TV presenter. However his gutter humour apparently is enjoyed by millions who regulary tune into to his radio and TV show to get another dose of Ross' depraved banter. I would pretty much guess they were not part of the 27,000 complainers who have officialy voiced their concerns over his latests folly with Andrew Sachs. It is becoming clear that the BBC policy of allowing cultural divercity into its programming has really only opened a door to allow the profane and obscene into every family home in Britian.

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