Sunday, 11 January 2009

The Christian Workers Greatest Enemy-Apathy!

A visiting street preacher from Australia has remarked on the dreadful apathy toward the preaching of the Gospel in the UK. Sometimes you need someone from outside to highlight what's going on under your nose. apathy n want of feeling; indifference. apathetic adj indifferent. He is so right. Its so refreshing when you see someone reacting to the gospel message. An evangelist once said mad, glad or sad, any one of those will do, but not apathy we dont want that! Its making we think. Sometimes you just get used to things being as they are. On Saturday my brother Michael was approached by a very angry man who reacted badly to his preaching. His mother had died a year before and he was angry with God. Another guy selling balloons nearby objected to the message on hell. We see the odd one but it would be great to see the kind of conviction which fell upon the lost in the time of Wesley. By faith I believe a obedient servant will be rewarded. This is what sends me out and keeps me going, that I can and have played a part however small in the work the Lord has called the church to do, and that is the proclamation of the glorious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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