Friday, 28 August 2009


'Jesus therefore, knowing ALL things that should come upon him...'John 18:4. The Gospel accounts make it clear that we serve an ALL knowing God. Jesus knew (had forknowledge) of every single event in his life. He knew he would die, why he would die and how he would die. He knew why he came and where he was going. If Jesus has all knowledge of himself and believers are IN him, his body, then what an assurance we have! Jesus knows every finite detail about you. He knows your going down and your rising up. He knows your thoughts, your reasoning and most of all your heart. He promises that if you cleave to him and his word he will not only number your steps but also direct them. Not only has he numbered the hairs on your head he has also counted your every heart beat. Having now recieved this knowledge how could you ever fear your future again?

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