Sunday, 3 April 2011


"The earth was corrupt before God, and the earth was filled with violence" Genesis 6:11. Two characteristics of the Genesis account of the world prior to the flood was great moral depravity and violence. The parallells with today are undisputable as the world news portrays a shocking ammount of violence as if the whole world is errupting like a dormant volcano suddenly awakened and spewing forth. Jesus said prior to his return the times would be "as the days of Noah" and because of his faithfulness God is once again preparing a means of escape from Gods coming judgement. The ark was made of wood and held nails. The cross was made of wood and held nails. The ark had one door. Jesus said he was the door. All the promises of safety and a future are to be found in Christ, just as they were for Noah and his family in the ark. Run to Jesus Christ he is the only Saviour.


Jeremy said...

It is sad to see the world in the state it is now. But, I'm positive the world is moving in the right direction. I suppose time will tell. The fact that many Muslim nations are pushing for democracy I believe is a good sign.

Thanks for the read :)

Ronnie Heart said...

this is awesome!

Three Million Movie said...

Well this not quit right, though not enough.
don't take it personal or as a spam ad
i will just show you the way or the path whatever you name it
just read and think

Sree said...

wow!!i m moved..
lovely blog:)

Anonymous said...

How true this is! The earth is going to continue its groaning until His return!

JA said...

It's horrible what we do to each other. I do wonder whether the world has gotten worse, or whether we just have better media coverage?

Kevin said...

stop violence!

Karim Zaki said...

you are a liar
you know nothing about history nor GOD
what Do you mean before God? i m sure you dont even know the word
so what was before GOD ?