Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Hope Or Wishful Thinking

Whenever a celebrity dies invareably the question arises whether they will go to heaven or not. I remember it well with Michael Jackson, Jade Goodie and now with Amy Whinehouse. Most conversations are based on wishful thinking. They look at their wordly achievements, the songs they sang, the good they did and base a desicion on that. However we dont need to lean on mans opinion concerning the journey into the after life we have it in black and white. The Bible gives us hope not just whishful thinking. Wishful thinking is based on wind swept feathers but hope is based on something more concrete than that. Hope is based on a assurance that you can get hold of. The resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ gives us hope that he has power over death. Okay we didn't see it, we weren't there but others were and gave their lives to testify of this amazing event. Two thousand years later the very same power that rose Jesus from the dead continues to bring life to the spiritualy dead. A drug fueled life is surely a sign of dispair and lack of a future vision. Proverbs 13:12 declares "Hope deferred makes the heart sick." The biblical prescription for a sick heart is Jesus Christ. He sanctifies the unholy and creates in us a 'clean heart.' Hope is defined as a 'confident expectation' All believers can be confident that if they put their trust in him and not in their own efforts he will carry them safely through every life changing event that comes their way, even death.


ladymagnolia said...

This was one of my first thoughts after hearing about the death of Amy Whinehouse. It is the same thought I have with every person famous or not that passes from this life. For me though it lingers. I toss and turn wondering, hoping that someone in all their lives shared Jesus Christ with them. Wishfully I'd hope that they all accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior.

I even have dreams/bad dreams of the thoughts of those who did not accept Jesus Salvation. The torture they will be consumed in for all eternity. It breaks my heart!

But people don't want to hear that. They want to out of hope & "conversations of wishful thinking" believe their loved one has crossed over into the arms of Jesus. But this is not reality.

It saddens me so, for all the lost souls who do leave this earth and did not choose Jesus & heaven as their eternal home.

The Brown Recluse said...

Of course, we can't know Amy's heart...only God can. Appearances would have us believe she was not saved, but perhaps we don't fully understand God's grace. If we look at her and judge that she couldn't go to heaven because she was addicted to drugs, must we look at the morbidly obese and think, as gluttons, they can't go to heaven?
Just as the glutton, in the despair, hopelessness and heartache of obesity can have forgiveness and salvation, all the while continuing to eat, can't the drug addict also be forgiven? God doesn't set us all free the same way.

Anonymous said...

We can never know those final moments in a person's life. We have to give it to God.
But that does not mean that we don't proclaim Jesus Christ as the ony way to heaven. Yes a drug addict can be forgiven, but forgiveness must be recognized as needed and asked of a Father who willingly gives it. We cannot begin to say that God forgives everything at death; if we do, we lose the message of the gospel.
God bless everyone. Follow Christ and His ways while you are living so there are fewer questions when you die.

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