Saturday, 11 February 2012

Win Some Loose Some

Yesterday was a day of interest for all UK Christians. My friend Michael Overd was found not guilty of causing intentional harassment, alarm or distress to two homosexual passers-by as he preached from 1Corinthians 6:9-10. I was there when it turned nasty and was a witness for the defence. Stephen Green from Christian Voice came to support and has a very good article about the case on his web-site. Michaels defence lawyer Paul Diamond was a pleasure to watch. In his closing comments he talked about free speech and the right of every Christian to proselytize all people groups including homosexuals. The truth of the matter is the two homosexuals who made the complaint did not like what the Bible said about them and wished to silence Mike Overd and mistakingly thought they could use the law to do it. On the back of this two guesthouse owners lost their appeal against a ruling and fine for only letting married couples rent a double room and Bideford Town Council were told in another hearing that holding prayers before a meeting was in fact illegal. The next round will be David Camerons attempt to redifine marriage and allow homosexuals to marry in church. Out of the three cases heard yesterday I believe God was showing his priority and his continued blessing for the preaching of the gospel in the UK. God is interested in the salvation of souls. It is the sacrificial death of Christ upon the cross for the redeeming of lost sinners which is the greatest message for mankind. This is what God wants Christians to proclaim and concentrate on. When we do, His Son is gloryfied and so is He, and His righteousness shines forth. Perhaps if the established Church had not lossed this focus the other two cases would never have arisen.


T-Childs said...

I think in this type of situation, Christians must always keep their focus correct; if we are meant to treat all people as we would like to be treated ourselves, then we should correct with firmness and gentleness; you might win the argument but you will probably make an enemy as well. This type of thing needs the wisdom of Solomon.

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