Friday, 13 April 2012


Someone said a picture paints a thousand words and they were right. Sometimes God speaks to people through pictures. He probally is the greatest picture maker of all time...move over Warner Brothers! He certainly speaks to me in pictures. He famously spoke to William Booth founder of the Salvation Army on one of his many train journeys. He called it the vision of the lost. In it lost people are drowning in the sea sorrounding an island in which saved people were engaged in various activities, none evangelical! The central message of the vision was God saves people to save people. Last night while counting sheep I saw a great sea with many ships on it, ships of all shapes and sizes. Close by was a safe harbour. Coming out from the safe harbour was a radio call for all ships to return. All the ships received the message but the majority looked around, saw the calm sea, the blue sky and decided to ignore it. A few decided to take head of the warning and enter the safe harbour. The safe harbour is of course Our Lord Jesus Christ, the boats unsaved people and the radio call the Gospel Message. That unfortunatly has been my experience...the majority ignore it. Heres another picture that got me...Its a qoute from a Rabbi.."If a man shot an arrow how far would it travel? One or two feilds? However repentance is so powerful when released it reaches the very throne of God." I can picture the arrow flying through the sky. Release yours and see how far it will travel. You might be suprised!

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