Friday, 15 June 2012

Free Love

One of the arguments for Gay Marriage continually being put forward is that if two people love eachother, regardless of gender, why shouldn't they marry? Yet we all understand that love is not the only legal consideration when deciding to marry. For instance a brother and sister are not permitted to marry no matter how much they love eachother. Neither is a  adult allowed to marry a child. Someone who is already married is not permitted to marry another. If love is the only grounds for allowing marriage then paedophiles and bigamists would have a very good legal case. In America a man made a (unsuccessful) legal challenge because he wanted to marry his horse. You can see where all this may lead.

Free love was birthed in the sixties when the motto of the age was "If it feels good do it." Many would agree our culture is Hedonistic where pleasure and personal happiness are the rule by which all things are measured. My grandmother taught me that God is watching all that I do. And I believe that. I also believe that the greatest free love of all was demonstrated by Gods only Son, our Lord Jesus Christ upon the cross of Calvary. It was there my sin was paid for. He saw my sin and yet his love for me compelled him to endure the cross.

We use the word love cheaply without truly understanding what it means. The majority of love we see is selfish love.  When we look at the cross of Christ we see Gods unselfish love displayed in the sacrificial work of his Son. "While we where yet sinners, Christ died for us."

Righteousness is more important than love. Righteousness mean being right with God. If all God did was love us and not find  a way for us to be cleansed of our sin  and be reconciled to him could we really say that was love. Gods love and righteousness go hand in hand. And because we love him we want to live righteous lives. Lives that reflect and obey his created order.

Love is never free. It always costs something. For the unrepentant the sinful pleasures of this life will be paid for in the next. Selfishness is ugly, selfishness demands its way at the cost of others. However true love lays down all for its beloved. Only in Christ do we see a true representation of love. Only in Christ can we experience love as God had always intended. Anything else is just a cheap imitation.