Saturday, 29 March 2014

Sexual Sins

God doesn't have a problem (according to the Bible) with two people of the same sex loving eachover, but start having a sexual relationship and he has. The same goes for sex with close family members, sex with children and fornication (sleeping around). Jesus even said "If you look with lust you have already commited adultery with that person" (looking at pornography is easily avaliable and would fall into this category). Gods best for us is loving, committed, lifelong relationships with someone of the opposite sex (not always easy but do-able). Just because we fail to reach a standard doesn't mean we should do away with the standard. Imagine life without any speed restrictions. Just how fast would we go?

A women was caught in adultery and brought before Jesus to be judged. The people who brought her wanted to stone her to death according to Jewish law (back then adultery carried the death penalty). However they didn't bring the man, and the women remained silent. Jesus reminded the blood thirsty, baying crowd of their own sexual sins and asked if there was one perfect, sinless person, among them let him be the first to lift a stone. There wasn't so one by one they walked away. Actually that isn't true because there was one perfect, sinless man...Jesus. He told her to "Go and sin no more." Because Jesus payed the price for our sin upon the cross every individual has an opportunity to "Go and sin no more."  The sexual sins of the UK are grave; God will not be mocked. We all need to repent (have a change of mind about what we are doing and looking at and walk the other way) and be forgiven. (not always easy but do-able).


RETA said...

Thanks for writing. These things need to be said.


susie pi said...

How can you talk about sexual sin like this when you allowed convicted paedophile russ baker to break the law by allowing him to approach young people when he evangelised alongside you ?
Also your understanding of repentance is wrong. Repentance is a change of mind resulting in us turning to God then once we are saved we turn from sin but we do not have to do so in order to be saved as that is a works salvation known as moral theism.