Monday, 17 March 2008

Another Jesus

Deeply disappionted with the BBC's Passion. Could only watch the first 20 minutes and wont be watching anymore episodes. Why? It was historically incorrect and portrayed another Jesus. The purchasing of the colt by Jesus from two passers by so he could ride into jerusalem was not scriptural. He sent two of his disciples into Bethpage were they would find a colt tied up which they were to loose and bring back Matthew 21:1-3. This alteration heavily implied Jesus was trying to make his actions fit Biblical prophecy. The scene with Jesus and a disciple mopping the brow of the sick man by the pool was awful. Jesus never mopped brows, he healed the sick were ever he went. I much preferred Mel Gibsons portrayal of Jesus because it stuck to scripture. I wonder if others would be so sympathetic if incorrect historical facts were put forward of other great world events. I think not.

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