Saturday, 22 March 2008

Easter Outreach

Spent yesterday in Wadebridge and today in Truro witnessing to the lost. Yesterday we joined other Christians in a 'Silent Witness' walking behind a large wooden cross through the town. It was a very windy day with not many people around and yet we handed out some one hundred tracts and we know many people were challenged. Today in Truro very windy yet more people. Preached an easter message by the cathedral with the usual ostrich reaction from passers by. However Gods word went out and in that I was obedient. We then went over to the Plazza and took a few people through the 'Good Person Test.' Some two hundred tracts were handed out and including 'Are you a good person?' to two on duty police officers! An observer shouted out 'Creep' seeing us approaching the police officers not realising what we were giving out, so he got one too! God is good and never wastes an opportunity.

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