Friday, 7 November 2008

Male Rape

Last year over a thousand men went to the police after being raped. It’s believed than many more don’t report their attack because of shame and the fear they won’t be believed. Police believe they are only seeing about 8-10% of rape victims. All agency's report a substantial increase in those coming forward for help. Survivors UK a charity which works with victims say they are getting thousands of calls asking for help. A family friend told me last year how his step-son had been homosexually date raped by a gang of men. He woke up in a field. The last thing he remembered was drinking in a club. The pain then kicked in and the awful reality of what happened came flooding back. Eight months after the event he is still unable to leave his home.

We know from the Bible accounts of Lot and Noah that God acts quickly when these kind of violent acts are prevalent. Jesus warned that homosexual perversion and violence would increase prior to judgement coming upon the earth. Let the preachers of righteousness go forth and sound the trumpet for the wrath of God is at hand.

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Anonymous said...

Did Jesus speak of homosexuality himself?

Perhaps worth highlighting heterosexual perversion too, which is more prevalent. Perversion, and non-consensual sex is perversion, and non consensual sex-whatever the gender of the persons involved.