Thursday, 6 November 2008


What on earth is the church coming to? A friend of mine was waiting for a bus at 1.45 pm besides St Andrews Church Plymouth when having 10 minutes to spare decided to have a look at their bookshop. Imagine his amazement to find the Church full to the rafters and playing the song (from the film Life of Brian) 'always look on the bright side of life.' A song which mocks the crucifixion! Apparently it was a funeral and that was the chosen 'hymn!' Jesus was correct when he doubted upon his return whether there would be any faith left! I can bet my bottom dollar the person in the coffin is not singing 'look on the bright side of life.' He isn't singing period. If we believe the words of Jesus the lost are languishing in Hell with great torment. May the real bride of Christ stand up and reveal the usurper for who she really is!

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