Friday, 13 February 2009

Persecution In The News

Once again UK news agencys report the story of Christian 'Persecution.' This time a five year old was the cause. The child told a fellow pupil what would happen to her if she didn't believe in Jesus. Hell was mentioned, and as we know the lost are offended at the very mention of coming judgement, whatever the age. Interestingly the very same thing happened to my daughter. She told her fellow pupil the same thing. She then went home and asked her mummy if hell was real. Her mother made a complaint to the teacher who reprimanded my daughter. I was upset on the grounds that every human being has the right to express their faith and I doubted whether the same fuss would have been made if my daughter was a Muslim! However I did not contact the press or e-mail all my Christian friends. I accepted that this was part of 'Being a Christian' and went to the Lord for my guidance(He is the expert on handling rejection and persection). There are thousands languishing in prisons with no media to court and have the Lord and him only to rely on. Christians must not peddle equiality in faith. We can never be equal with other faiths. Persecution is inevitable, let us rejoice when it happens and question our Kingdom activity when it doesn't.

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