Saturday, 18 July 2009

Evangelistic Funeral Resources

Suprisingly out of the thousands of hits I get on my web-site every month the most visited page is my funeral resources page. Search requests such as 'How do I prepare a funeral for the unsaved?' 'Words to say at a funeral of an unsaved person?' are regulary googled. Please take the time to have a look as you may find the resources very helpful or be able to point others to them. On the page you will find a funeral outline to preach, funeral tracts and a excellent recording of a sermon preached at someones funeral. For me preaching at a funeral has become difficult because so many have abondened the gospel. In an effort to remove any offence the congregation are 'soothed sayered' and leave the service still ignorant of the way of salvation. Funeral sermons should always be directed at the living.

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