Monday, 27 July 2009

Truro's Split Welcome

Had a interesting day in Truro on the 25th July preaching the gospel with John Steele from Sheffield and Matt Rolfe from Plymouth. However the responses from the two areas we preached in was significant. We spent two hours in the Plaza. Handing out tracts and speaking to people. Many Christians came over to be encouraged and to encourage. The CT Prayer Tent was there handing out free Bibles as well and offered us all refreshment. A very pleasent two hours. We then decided to shift to the Cathedral. There were many Macmillian volunteers with buckets collecting money who made it clear they didn't want us anywhere near them. We obliged and moved across the road but they still called the police. The police were fantastic and stood with us as they upheld our right to continue preaching. Apparently they were angry because they were 'on commission' and we were stopping people from giving them money!
A couple of the workers came up to John square on to tell him what they thought of him. John was visibaly shook up with one man who was absolutely raging at him and we were worried his anger might have caused him a heart attack. On leaving a 'Christian' approached me to tell me what we were doing was 'disgusting' and we'll never win anyone like that. The antagonism at the preaching of the gospel is still as evident as it was in Jesus' day. This is the first rule any street worker must reconcile himself with if he is ever to continue in the work he has been called. Another guy approached me as I was talking to the police and asked me were the nearest restaurant was as I seemed to have 'All knowledge.' The police officer obliged him with the information. Another elderly guy who regulary plays a eletric violin, out of tune, in the town for loose coins approached us and asked the police officer if there was anything they could do to get rid of us! The next time your in Truro look out for life size Hindu painted cow which is now standing in the cathedral close!

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