Friday, 23 September 2011

Britons Still Oppose Gay Marriage

National Statistics recent findings suggest 55% believe homosexual marriage is wrong and 75% think adoption by gay couples should not have been allowed nine years ago. Civil partnerships are also on the decline. Lib Dems Equality Minister recently said the UK was a world leader in gay rights however this only applies to a minority of the population. The government commissioned the survey to gage public opinion amidst pressure to align civil partnership with marriage. It would seem this would not be a popular move. Perhaps the stastitics also show that many people are willing to voice their true opinion against homosexuality when done anonomously rather than publicly through fear of being labeled 'bigotted' or 'homophobic.' Interestingly the majority of the population are free to express any opinion on just about any subject without fear of persecution or ridicule unless of course that view is against homosexuality. With the current legislation undermining holy matrimony and the obvious break down of the traditional family surely this report will be welcomed by those who are most concerned.


T Childs said...

This is a hard issue for Christians I believe. As a Christian I have read that homosexuality is sinful, period. At the same time, we are commanded to 'treat people like we would like to be treated ourselves'. This produces somewhat of a dichotomy: should we challenge those in gay relationships, or should we respect them as we would hope they would respect us? I don't know the answer, even though I am a dyed-in-the-wool Christian.

For this reason, we need to think carefully about how we as Christians should approach people in ANY kind of sinful lifestyle, gay or not, and we need always to refer back to scripture; also we perhaps need to pray on the issue, and we always need to be careful not to be cruelly offensive when we disagree with those living in any kind of sin; we should always love the sinner, whilst hating the sin. God has the answers; why don't we ask Him?

Jasper said...

I think the proper answer is to show some compassion. If they want to marry let them. Holy matrimony has seemed to dissolve anyways with the amount of divorces that happen. And are we going to deny more children loving homes? That would be wrong.

Sandy22 said...

To Tchilds and Jasper, I respond with the following: 1. Jesus wants us to love others and have compassion. Also, I believe we err as Christians when we single out one sin or another. This has been done a lot with homosexuality. It is clear in the Bible that it is a sin but so is many other things i.e. talking badly about others, living with an unmarried partner, beating your wife, child abuse...we could go on and on. We have to love them, let them know that we love the person not the sin. We cannot, as Christians, turn our head if it is a sin without some comment, but it must be done in love. It is not easy.

2. I don't believe compassion says we turn away from the sight of sin just because more people are doing it and it should be accepted i.e. failing marriage and divorces. Marriage is, I believe, a gift that is acknowledged by God and is and should remain holy. I don't believe we should accept "lifestyles" as fact. This is a man made creation and it is being forced upon all people by a select few. If you can get the majority of people to believe it is right, then it eases the guilt!

Saying that children will be denied a loving home if they are denied adoption via gay couples...doesn't guarantee them a loving home. There is no proof that a child, who by nature (controlled by God), will understand and do well in an atmosphere of two moms or two dads. Where is the appropriate roll models? How is a young man relate to being a man or relate to another female properly? Most likely they will adopt or take on those traits or roll models they grow up with.

We all sin and fall short of God's glory. The only answer is salvation. We all need to be saved whether from lying, cheating, bad relationships, separation from God. All we Christians can do is encourage those who do not know the Lord to seek him out.

Nerd said...

Each family has its downsides, arguing, children no attention, and so many more things. Please tell me, why should people who abuse their children, too little attention, not to choose, etc., have children? why can not two men or women who have the drawback that their child may not all be what they want, not a child? Disadvantage because it strikes!? Why should people who all their lives had been struggling with who they are not that lucky? Disadvantage because it strikes so ...
They are perfect in their own way, because God does not make mistakes.

bnicd1 said...

Shouldn't we keep the church and state separate? Didn't our founding fathers solidify that in our constitution? Mind you our founding fathers who owned slaves, but thats swept under the rug as well, no big deal.

Why don't you show the statistics that show the decline in church participation or attendance? A true, unbiased entry.

And what is the traditional family these days? My parents were divorced, my grandparents had a very active role in raising me, should they be prohibited from their rights?

This is country based on freedoms and rights to all, the right to choose. To choose any religion, or any love, any job, etc. If all men were created "equal" why is this still an "issue."

If John and Mark are in love, and want to marry, they're humans, they should have just as much "right" to marry as Jeff and Stacy. They live the same, love the same, bleed, and die the same. They're equal, aren't they?

Would you prohibit a blind person from being an active citizen because they are blind, or prohibit their right to marry, because they are blind? Or a person with a disability?..

People are afraid to speak out because they are homophobic, and they are ignorant and they are bigots.

It's not about whether you think it's right or wrong, it's about equality and social injustice.

PS. who are you, to tell them, what is right or wrong?
You follow christian law, good for you! Stay strong and founded in moral principle but the beauty of this country is having that ability, that freedom, that right, to choose that law that you live by.

bnicd1 said...

why doesn't the church attack send arms against divorce that isn't reasoned by adultery?

divorce (without adulterers) is a sin according the law.

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