Friday, 16 September 2011

Disabled But Equal

I recently received some very sad news of the death of a little boy born with a severe disabilty. His life was short however his parents doted on him. He was much cared for and very much loved. On the back of this a Florida couple have been awarded 4.5 million dollars in compensation because they 'missed the chance' to abort their disabled son. He is now 3 and they argued they they were not given the correct advice. The mother said 'had she known' she would have aborted him. The Bible teaches that every human being is created after the image of God, and is no less valuable to him because of a disabilty. Many treat children like commodoties that can be returned if the product is faulty rather than the precious gift from God that they are. Isn't it true that disabled people have taught the world so much and our lives are much the richer for them. Perhaps this would be a good opportunity to tell you about Ray Comforts new project. Its called 180 and Ray claims he can change a mind set on Pro Abortion in less than 180 seconds. The DVD's for sale for as little as £1 and will be released for sale on the 26th September.

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