Sunday, 3 May 2009


This weekend the people of Cornwall and Plymouth will celebrate 150 years since the official opening by Prince Albert in 1859 of the Saltash rail bridge. The bridges engineer I.K. BRUNEL 1859 appear in large metal letters on either end of the bridge, added as a memorial after his death on 5 September 1859. The bridge provided the vital first railway link between Cornwall and the rest of the country. Nearly two thousand years ago God engineered a plan that would bridge the great divide between lost sinners and himself. He sent his Son to die on a cross to be the spirtual bridge of reconciliation. The work cost him his life and it costs to cross it. It's more than a pound, nothing less than the surrendering of ones life to him who surrendered all from mankind. On the Tamar bridge which sits beside it, on the Cornish side, is found Plymouth Cities coat of arms and motto "The name of Jehovah is a strong tower." There are many who are running into it and finding safety and shelter. Let us continue to proclaim the Son of God as the bridge to the people of Cornwall and Devon and believe by faith that many will choose to take that first step of faith, and crossover from death to life.

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