Friday, 1 May 2009

3 Greatest Sins Of Mankind

There are three great sins committed by mankind, before God which rise up like a bad smell to his nostrils. The first great sin is the sin of UNBELIEF. Unbelief manifests in an attitude of mind which says "My way not your way." You have clearly revealed your truth to me God, but I shall find another way. It is not that the unbeliever cannot believe for God has given to ALL men a measure of faith. It is that they WILL not believe and therefore choose to put their faith in something else. The second great sin is the sin of INDIFFERENCE. Indifference manifests itself in coldness toward God and his people. The heart has a big sign saying 'Shut Door.' Again it is not that the indifferent cannot love but rather chooses not to. The greatest love, the love God shows is 'agape.' The love of action, shown ultimatly in the cross, yet many respond with deadness of heart. Love is a command and the greatest command is to love God with all the heart, soul, mind and strength. When God gives us a command we must also believe he has also given us the ability to obey it or it would be a worthless command. The third greatest sin is REBELLION. Rebellion manifests itself in refusal to obey Gods commands, in part or in fulness. 'My will, not Gods will.' The rebellious soul will not accept Gods absolute authority or rule over them. God is looking for a relationship but with rules attached to it! This is why Jesus placed such importance on submission to God and his ways as a sign of our love for him. "If you love me you shall obey my commands." When we share Christ we must also be aware of these three sins. All three must be repented of and forsaken. Unfortunatly we have many proffessing Christians who have not dealt with one or all of these three sin issues. We have unbelieving believers, cold hearted fellowships and open rebellion of Gods commandments. The proffessing church has now taken on so much of the world in thought, deed and action it is becoming hard to tell them apart! Let us prayer for one another that in this hour we shall redeem the fallen through the power of the gospel and through the ministry and power of the word, constantly check our walk.

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