Saturday, 23 May 2009

Came back rejoicing

Had a fantastic day preaching the gospel in Plymouth today. Last Saturday everything was against us and its sooo easy to become discouraged, but praise God who has shed his love abroad in our hearts. As we move around Plymouth there are many buskers, entertainers and the like. All of them have PA's blasting out. But you've guessed it the moment we put on our puny 15 watt PA which is the size of a corn flake packet someone complains. Its usually a shop keeper. I wouldn't be suprised if its the same one! The police approach ask us to turn it down. Of course we oblige wanting to keep the peace but its so unfair!!!!I've preached without a PA and they still complain. The truth is they dont want to hear what your saying however or whatever vehicle you choose to say it through. Praise God we still have freedom of speach and the church still retains many rights concerning open air worship and preaching. I've got quite friendly with a Community police officer who prides herself in being fare unfortunatly it was her day off today. Next time I see her I shall take it up with her. As with any right, sometimes you have to protest loudly when you think that right is being compromised. We are to be people of faith and courage. Of course we know Christians will always be the underdog but as the saying goes, every dog will have his day, he who barks loudest etc. I heard a fantastic joke last night. Some one walked into a club, which looked good on the outside, but when they entered it was anything but good. When he protested to his friend of his judgement of the pleasant exterior of the building his friend said "Thats what the Christians thought about the Coliseum." Sometimes we have to look behind the reactions of others and see there hatred for Christians and there deep seated passion to throw us to the lions!!!God is good and IN HIM we trust. Amen.

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