Monday, 1 June 2009

330 Salvations in 4.5 hours - including Buddhists, Muslims, Spiritualists and atheists!

This is the claim being made by a group of evangelists from The River church Exeter, after their soulwinning outreach this Saturday. My heart would be rejoicing if these are indeed true converts to Christs. However I'm doubtful, firstly because I have read their soul winning script and secondly I bumped into one of the Atheist converts they are claiming. Yes you have guessed it we were also in Exeter that day as part of our preaching intinery. Four of us worked for four hours and didn't see one soul saved. On the surface it would seem we are failing in our methods and maybe need to change the way we do things. Or perhaps its simpler than that. It is my understanding that River Church would class a soul saved because someone has repeated
a prayer, and for me this is the problem. This leads nicely back to the Atheist false convert. I met him in the afternoon after I approached him with a tract about Athiesm (God is good). At first he refused believing it to be a Christian tract. However we got into a conversation about sin, righteousness and judgement to come. He kept repeating to me his unbelief so after a long conversation with him and his friend I offered to pray for him. It was then he told me he had already been prayed for that day by two Christians in the town who had taken him through a script. His name was Luke. Praise God I was given the opportunity to explain to him the Biblical way of salvation. Why heart grieves for any lost precious soul who now believes he is a Christian because he repeated a pre-prepared prayer. False converts are a Biblical fact and because of the reality of hell I shall forever keep this in mind. It may well be a few of the number they are claiming will go on to bear fruit for the Kingdom. However I believe it will be despite their method not because of it! I recommend Paul Washer teaching on the dangers of decisional evangelism, here is the link

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it's the River Dream church in Exeter that were evangelising that day not the River Church as there is another church in Exeter called the River.

I think it is important to help someone understand exactly what they are doing when saying a salvation prayer and very important to follow up. just getting someone to say a prayer to notch up the numbers can be harmful, it has to be a true HEART salvation. Not just a head decision. I hope there were many heart decisions that day and I hope that many more people will seek to go out and tell people the good news. The fields are white but harvestors are few. There needs to be more training within the church and encouragement of members to go out..That's what we are called to do..