Saturday, 13 June 2009

Swine Flu Latest

The World Health Organization has raised its swine flu alert to Phase 6, indicating that a global pandemic is underway. It is the first time in over 40 years that a flu pandemic has been declared.

The move to Phase 6 reflects the geographic spread of the virus and does not suggest any change in its severity. Of the 29,000 cases that have been recorded across 74 countries, the majority have not been severe. However, 145 people have died from the virus.

Mad cows disease, Foot and Mouth disease, bird flu and now swine flu all within ten years. Do you think God's trying to tell us something? "When he opened the fourth seal I looked and behold a pale horse. And power was given to him over a quarter of the earth to kill with the sword and with hunger AND WITH THE BEASTS OF THE EARTH" Revelation 6:8.

What we are seeing I believe is only the rumblings, a quickening, a foretaste of what is coming upon the earth. There is a difference between Gods Judgement and Gods wrath. Gods judgement is his MERCY upon people to show them somethings wrong and they need to repent. Gods wrath is an outpouring of his anger against sin.

Please read afresh Revelation chapter six through to to the end. You will see the wrath of God revealed against all unrighteousness of men. Gods final judgement has been delayed for the lost to take up the offer of a pardon. However Jesus taught one day the door to salvation will be shut and the wrath of God will come.

How often do WE feel outraged at sin. The millions of aborted babies? Child molesters? Imagine how God feels. Gods 'pay back' time is fast approaching. We need to continue to warn the lost they need to come into the ark, which is Jesus Christ. He is the only means by which they must be saved.

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