Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Christians protest at portrayal of Jesus as transsexual woman

Protesters wave placards opposing Jesus, Queen of Heaven at the Tron Theatre in Glasgow.

More than 300 Christian protesters demonstrated in the centre of Glasgow last night against a publicly funded play that portrays Jesus as a transsexual woman.

The demonstrators, who waved placards and sang hymns and gospel songs, blocked Chisholm Street for about two hours from 6.30pm as they held a candlelit vigil outside the Tron Theatre where Jesus, Queen of Heaven will run until Saturday.

A ecumenical congregation including Catholics and evangelical Christians voiced their disapproval of the show, which presents Christ as a man who wants to become a woman.

One placard said: “Jesus, King of Kings, Not Queen of Heaven”.

Another stated: “God: My Son Is Not A Pervert”.

The production is part of the Glasgay! arts festival, Scotland’s annual celebration of homo­sexual culture, which receives funding from Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Arts Council.

After reading this article a thought came to mind. I wonder how many of these protesting Christians have read 'The Shack'(Which portrays God as a women). If they have then what right to do they have too critisize this production?

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