Sunday, 1 November 2009

Oct 31st 2009 Journal Entry

I've decided to keep a journal of our outreaches. Here is the first entry. 31st Oct 2009 Outreach to Truro. Mat and Phil did the dead body sketch by the cathedral and I preached on the dangers of Halloween and the responsability of fathers before God to protect their wives and children from spiritual harm. Although opposition was nil (we made petition to the father for favour with shop keepers and police alike) apathy was evident with very little response. Ezekiel 2:7 came to mind: "And you shall speak my words to them, whether they will listen or not, for they are most rebellious." Moved over to the plazza and repeated the dead body sketch. A few curious and listening however apathy reigned there also. A party bus drove past, no doubt collecting revellers for a nights Halloween party. Jesus' words came to mind "As in the days of Noah, they were eating and drinking...and then the end came" Matthew 24:37-39. Mat received a concerned heckler whilst preaching on the inevitabilty of death and Phil Taylor said he really enjoyed the day. Three Bibles taken and four-hundred and fifty tracts given out. Mixed feelings about the day but received a very encouraging word from the Lord on my return. In Christ alone we leave the judging of the results.

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Evangelist Philip Barrett said...

I always try & be an encouragement - especially where evangelism is concerned & especially in the South West of England. More Christians need to be encouraging & praying for evangelism & evangelists - so well done from me to Shirly, Matt & Phil. Jesus came to save the lost.

I am encouraged as well with those words from Matthews Gospel - ch 24 v37 - 39. You know the Holy Spirit spoke those same words to me just yesterday as well. The other amazing thing is - Noahs Ark really existed. Archaeologists discovered the fossilised remains of it in the Ararat Mountains in Turkey 60 years ago - and it matches Biblical measurements. So if Noahs Ark existed - so did all those people that ignored Gods call to repent & didnt !