Monday, 30 November 2009

Nov 28th Journal Entry

Arrived in Plymouth to find the Christmas shoppers out in force. Trying to find a car parking space was a nightmare. Mat, Esther and I had a problem working out were to set up. At the Place de Brest stood Santa's grotto, by the sun-dial a fairground, and at our other spot by Tesco's metro, a Salvation army brass band in full swing! We decided to go up to the top of the street by the shopping centre were hundreds of shoppers stream in and out of. We were greatly encouraged when others soon joined us and many conversation where had and many tracts handed out. Richard stood on the bench to preach to the passers by. As I preached two police officers walked passed me, gave me a casual glance and continued on. Not one complaint in Plymouth today which was a refreshing change. By mid-afternoon the rain came down and halted play not just for us but also for Argyles game against Barnsley! In Christ alone we leave the judging of the results.

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