Saturday, 14 November 2009

Nov 14th Journal Entry

Mission to Exeter. The previous night saw terrible gales and the pressure was on to cancel, however the Lord reminded me we are to obey him and not the Met Office!The wind was gusting in the city centre, so much so, I had to stop when it near blew me off the bench I was standing on. Mat's train was delayed by an hour, but he had a fruitful conversation with a lost soul who was searching, and for that reason turned a negative into a positive. Mat and I preached a strong message of the required repentance toward God and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to escape the coming judgement. A female heckler shouted out "Who gives a **** about God." Which pretty much summed up the attitude of the passers by. However some good conversations were had and about 100 tracts handed out. The Lord also sent a unknown brother to encourage us. Also a unsaved couple known to my husband bumped into me 'once again' as I was preaching. They just happened to be in Exeter shopping. This will now be the third such meeting! He patted me on the back to encourage me which shows the Lord is doing a work in his heart. Yet another 'God ordained encounter.' A good time in all. In Christ alone we leave the judging of the results.

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